Portable Humidors

Hard top cigar cases are the perfect portable humidors when traveling. They allow you to carry your cigars under extreme conditions and prevent them from being crushed or from drying out. That’s because on the outside they’re crafted with top-grain leather but on the inside they have a solid cedar interior. Since they have also have a solid metal top, you can carry them in your suitcase, your pocket or even in a bag that you can throw around. They’re as portable as you can get.

We looked at various models and found this Portable Humidor to be one of the best. It’s one of the few out there that can carry big cigars that are 60 ring gauge. We even put 64 ring gauge cigars in the humidor and they fit perfectly. That’s a cigar with a full inch of girth. This portable humidor carried 8 of the big monsters and kept them fresh. One recommendation is that you place the bottom part of the case inside a large humidor so that it picks up the moisture and is well humidified prior to traveling. This will help keep the cigars properly humidified. Of course you can always buy a pen humidifier and place it in the case with your cigars, but that means it’ll only carry 7 cigars, instead of 8.

Cigar Jar Does the Trick

Cigar JarSo I’ve had some emails about cigar jars and tested one from Cuban Crafters Cigars to see how well they work as travel humidors. Here’s my results.

The cigar jar holds about 20 to 25 cigars, depending on the size. This one from Cuban Crafters Cigars was tall so it held the longer Churchill size, and even longer Presidentes. The seal was excellent and totally airtight, which is a must when traveling in a a plane as the air gets very dry and if there is humidity leaking, it will allow the cigars to dry out. The rubber gasket locked in the humidity and it has a sturdy metal clasp closure mechanism that provides the airtight seal.

This particular cigar jar has a built in humidifier which I filled with distilled water. The humidifier is smaller than I would like but it held enough water for a couple of weeks. I had to test it before placing it in my bag, since I put it in my carry-on bag and knew it would get tossed around. No drips out of it, even when I banged it up. So far so good.

The flight took about two and a half hours. After landing I checked the jar and the cigars in it. Excellent results and the humidity level (I brought a small digital hygrometer with me for the test) was still holding around the  71 to 73 range. I guess the humidity was a little high because most of the cigars in the jar were in cellophane, which limits the cigar’s ability to suck in all the humidity from the humidifier. Those that didn’t have the cellophane and were naked were also in perfect condition.

After 4 days the cigar jar was still in the 69 to 70 relative humidity range and the cigars were in perfect condition. Of course about 6 were already up in smoke. 6 days into the trip and I’m heading back home. The few cigars left are still well humidified and protected. The test results even surprised me. The jar actually worked better in protecting the cigars than many travel humidors that I’ve tested. The only inconvenience is that they are a little larger than flat travel humidors so you can’t just stick them in the side pocket of a computer bag. The upside is that they hold more cigars and the airtight seal is better than wood humidors. If you have a duffel bag or a backpack, these should be your traveling companion.


Travel Humidors are a Work of Art

Travel Humidor of Cigar Roller Table by Cuban CraftersThe hottest trends are travel humidors with works of art in the front. Whether its a famous Cuban born artist, like the cigar roller travel humidor by Edin from Cuban Crafters, or the cool design of the Drew Estate Liga PrivadaLiga Privada Undercrown Travel Humidor Undercrown travel humidor, they are the latest fashion. With cedar interiors and leather exteriors, they hold from 8 to 10 cigars. That’s the perfect amount of cigars for a weekend trip.

Many other cigar companies are now eyeing these humidors to promote their brands, which brings a question to mind. Would smokers carry a humidor with their favorite brands or would they carry them because they like the work of art? If you’re a cigar smoker, let us know your opinion. People walk around with their favorite brands on their shirt but are cigar smokers willing to do it with their travel humidors?


Travel Humidor as a Cigar Box

Travel Humidor as Cigar BoxIt’s rumored in the cigar industry that there’s a new cigar maker who plans on packing his cigars in travel humidors, as opposed to cigar boxes. The use of alternative packaging in the cigar industry is not commonly seen. Since cigar smoking has a lot of tradition, cigar makers tend to stick to the traditional.

Using a travel humidor as a cigar box actually makes sense. You get your cigars, place them in your home or office humidor and then use the box they came in when youTravel Humidor Packagingtravel. It’s been done by a few cigar makers, but only offered for a limited time or in high-priced cigars. Partagas is one company that recently used a travel humidor to package cigars. The prices of the cigars were to the high side but even after smoking the cigars you had the travel humidor to remember them by.

More creative cigar box packing using a travel humidor includes a hand detailed wood case that brought cigars in tubes. With a hefty price tag, the cigars weren’t big sellers. On the other hand, moderately priced cigars in a travel humidor box have been outstanding sellers in some markets. Cuban Crafters offers a special limited edition Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars in a humidor. Travel Humidors with Medina 1959 Miami Edition Cigar TubesThe Churchill size cigars are in tubes and come in a burl wood themed travel humidor. While the prices are a little higher than their regular Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars, customers seem to enjoy these special cigars and are willing to pay for them.

Asia seems to be the leader in using travel humidors as cigar boxes. This could be due to the lower cost of labor in the region, as this labor is used to make the humidor and package the cigars. It could also be the result of the higher prices for cigars in the region due to elevated taxes imposed on imported cigars. We look forward to seeing more cigar makers using travel humidor to pack their cigars.

Travel Humidors in Winter

Travel Humidors are Affected by HeatersTravel humidors need extra care during the winter’s cold weather. Contrary to popular belief, cold weather climates are the worst time of year for cigar storage. The constant artificial heat from furnaces, radiators and other types of heaters make the air in most homes and offices extremely dry. When you’re outside, the freezing temperatures are also extremely dry. Even the best travel humidors are impacted by this dryness.

Travel Humidor in Silver and BlackHere’s what you can do so that your travel humidor maintains your cigars in perfect condition. The first thing is move your travel humidor away from any heater and away from windows. If you can, move it to the least dry part of your house or office. This is usually the the basement. If the travel humidor is in the car, never leave it in the vehicle when you park. If you travel by airplane, make sure that you do not pack your humidor in your checked-in luggage. The luggage compartment gets very cold and dry.

Since the humidity level inside the humidor is the most important factor, fill the humidifier (if your humidor has one) at greater frequencies than during normal climate. You might even have to fill it every day if your cigars feel dry. Take care of the conditions inside your humidor and it will take care of your cigars.

Cheap Travel Humidor

Cheap Travel HumidorIf you want a cheap travel humidor for a short trip, here are your options. You can buy a cheap travel cigar humidor in a store or online shop, or you can take one of the resealable poly bags that you got from a cigar store and use it as a travel humidor. I’m talking about the zip-lok bag from the cigar store, as they are usually made from thicker material than regular poly bags. In addition, they have a higher quality plastic slider. Depending on the length of the trip and how many cigars you smoke daily, you can use the standard size or a smaller size poly bag. 

Boveda Travel Humidor Humidification PackIf you are going on a short trip and the cigars are in cellophane tubes, there’s really no need for humidification. If the trip is for 2 days or more, then humidification is recommended. The easiest way to humidify your cigars is using a humidification pack, such as water pillows or a Boveda humidity control packet. They both serve the purpose and all you have to do is drop it inside the poly bag. Another option is to create your own humidification device. It’s easier than you think.

You can create a cheap humidification device for your poly bag travel humidors by taking a cotton ball and placing it in a piece of aluminum foil. Add enough distilled water to the cotton ball to moisten it. Make sure that the cotton sucked up all the water and that it’s not dripping. Place the cotton ball is in the middle of the piece of foil and fold over all the sides of the aluminum foil around the cotton ball. You need to make sure that the cotton ball does not have any part of it exposed. Next take a toothpick, fork, paper clip or anything else with sharp points and make small holes in the aluminum foil. Make plenty of little holes, but not big enough to allow water to spill out. After you’re sure that no water is spilling out, place the home made humidifier in the bag.

It’s easy to make your own cheap travel humidor and for a few days, this compact and lightweight humidor will serve to keep your cigars in perfect condition.

Travel Humidor Review – Cuban Crafters Aluminum Travel Humidors

Aluminum Travel HumidorsTravel humidors have a basic function, to keep your cigars safe during travel. Today I’m reviewing the Cuban Crafters travel humidor with an aluminum exterior. I use it when checking my luggage through when I travel. The Cuban Crafters Cigars aluminum travel humidor is the only one that I have seen with a full cedar interior that cradles cigars so that they do not get damaged during those rough trips. It brings a unique cedar humidifier that fits nicely inside the interior of the humidor. You put the water into the reservoir inside the cedar humidifier and it will keep you cigars in perfect condition for about 2 weeks, depending on how ofter you open the humidor.Aluminum Travel Humidors in Black

These aluminum travel humidors are rugged, hold seven cigars and come in three different colors. The one that I have is the plain aluminum color, but you can also get the black or blue model. All three humidors have the same features, with the only difference being the exterior color. The aluminum humidors have a closing latch that keeps the seal tight, corners that are covered with black impact guards and the top and bottom have an inlay of navy blue waterproof faux leather. 

Now for the reason that I pack the travel humidor in my luggage as opposed to carrying it with me in the airplane. The aluminum registers in the x-ray machine and the TSA agent will make you open up the humidor to show it to him. Not a big deal but as luck would have it, I always get a TSA officer who is a cigar smoker. As is common among us who enjoy cigar smoking, we will spend 5 to 10 minutes talking cigars. That’s not a bad thing, except if you’re in a hurry to catch your flight.

Leather Travel Humidor

Leather Travel HumidorThere is some confusion as to what a leather travel humidor is. While it’s clear that a travel humidor is one made for carrying your cigars during travels, when it comes to the leather models some companies call their cigar cases travel humidors.

A leather travel humidor is an actual humidor made to keep your cigars in the perfect aging environment during the time spent traveling.  Leather Cigar Case is Not a Travel HumidorOn the other hand a case made with leather, and in some cases made with a cedar interior lining, are made to temporary protect your cigars while transporting them for a few hours. They do not have humidification systems and allow the cigar’s humidity level to drop if left in the case. They are not leather travel humidors and should not be confused as such by the smoker. While there are many different types of leather cases available, they’re great to go out at night or to carry your cigars inside your briefcase so that they are readily available after your lunch or dinner.

Cigar Caddy is Bought out of Bankruptcy

Cigar Caddy Humidor AdCigar Caddy developed a reputation in the cigar accessory marketplace by inventing ugly but functional travel humidors. They were made in the U.S.A. and attracted cigar smokers that liked rugged rather than pretty. After years in business, last year it filed for bankruptcy and shut down operations.

Recently a press release announced that Cigar Caddy’s assets were sold to Quality Importers, an importer and distributor of humidors from China and Taiwan. The purchase included the Cigar Caddy travel humidor trademark, as well as other intellectual property and tangible assets. While Quality Importers announced that it will be launching new Cigar Caddy products, it didn’t give further details. It also did not announce if the “new” Cigar Caddy cases would be manufactured in the U.S.A., as the old products were, or in Asia as Quality Importer’s products are.

Cigar Caddy Travel HumidorPart of the Cigar Caddy attraction was that they manufactured crushproof, airtight and waterproof travel humidors. They were made in the United States, were mainly made out of plastics and used foam in the interior to hold the cigars in place. Over the years the company expanded their humidor styles and marketed to avid outdoorsmen who wanted to protect their cigars during travels and adventures in the land or sea. Promoting the cases as being waterproof attracted cigar smokers who enjoy fishing and boating. Due to the declining economy and stiff competition, they were unable to stay in business after its parent company filed for bankruptcy.

Humidifier for Travel Humidor

Travel Cigar Humidor HumidifierMany ask if a travel humidor should have a humidifier. The answer is a simple yes. Even if the humidor is only used for a short trip, the weather conditions can affect the cigars.

Cigars can go through minor humidity changes without damage, but a big swing in temperature or relative humidity can “shock” them. Shock is when the filler tobacco in a cigar expands or contracts at a substantially faster rate than the binder and wrapper. This will cause the wrapper to split open or crack. If the outer wrapper leaf loses humidity quicker than the inner filler, the expanded filler will force the thinner wrapper to give way. Once a cigar goes into shock and the wrapper leaf breaks, it will need to be re-rolled in order for it to smoke properly.

There are different types of  humidifiers for a cigar travel humidor. Pictured above is the puck style. This humidifier is ideal for longer trips because it holds a good amount of distilled water. Travel Humidor Humidifier BrickWith this type of humidifier you don’t need to worry about refills during your travels. The downside is that it is a large in size and therefore takes up more room. Humidors that come with puck humidifiers generally are big travel humidors.

Another type is the brick (pictured to the right). Once again, it can hold lots of water, more than the puck, but takes up even more room than the puck. It’s not an ideal humidifier for a travel humidor, unless you plan on going away for more than a month. Most travel humidors do not come with the brick as it takes up way too much room inside the humidor.Travel Humidor Humidifier Torpedo

The torpedo humidifier is small and comes in many different styles, and are available in different materials. They are perfect for short trips and take up less room than all the other models mentioned. They usually come in the smaller travel cigar humidors. Pictured to the left is the torpedo made out of plastic and with the standard water-retaining foam. In better humidors the torpedo humidifier is made out of cedar or other woods. It functions the same as the plastic model but looks a lot better.

Whatever model you use, make sure that it is only filled with pure distilled water or a humidor solution made with 50% distilled water and 50% propylene glycol. Using the humidor solution will allow the water to be dispersed to the cigars at an exact relative humidity of 70%. While that is ideal for aging cigars, it’s not really necessary when they are stored on a short term basis. In other words, you only need distilled water unless you store cigars in your traveler long term.